About MasterXploder.com

Michael McKinlay in Hong Kong
At the peak in Hong Kong

Welcome to my blog, MasterXploder.com. My name is Michael McKinlay and I’m from Calgary, Canada. As you may have noticed, I enjoy the finer things in life….. you know… Costco, Electric Vehicles, and stretching dollars to infinity and beyond. Pretty fancy stuff, right?

In the past, I’ve worked in a number of University International/Domestic Student Recruitment roles. Most recently, Healthcare Recruitment. My job contracts have taken me across Canada. I’ve worked in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Quebec. I also taught English in Japan, and spent a summer in Hong Kong. I’ve had a few adventures and I’m looking forward to more!

The purpose of MasterXploder.com is to simply to indulge my interest in writing about things that I like, while improving my communication and social media skills. Writing is a challenge, but I get satisfaction that anyone with internet access might read my posts. Finally, I hope to continue improving my website, making it an interesting and informative resource.

I hope you enjoy what I’ve written, and I hope you keep coming back. Please feel free to subscribe, like, share, and leave comments. I do appreciate it. If you would like to reach out to me, please use the contact form below.


Michael McKinlay