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The other day I was walking past the Costco membership desk when I saw a sign for the Auto-Renewal Membership Offer. The sign enticed me with “a gift for me of $20.” Oh Costco, you shouldn’t have! Well Costco, now that you’ve got my attention… Auto Renewal Membership Offer Auto-Renewal Membership Offer

If you agree to have your annual membership automatically renew, Costco will give you a $20 coupon to use on Yes,…. When I first saw the offer I just assumed it was a $20 off anything in the warehouse. (Sometimes I get excited about something and start thinking it’s better than it really is!) I rarely ever order anything from, but since I was already there, I signed up for the promotion. Auto Renewal Membership Offer

The promotion can only be used on purchases from of $100 or more. Also, the coupon that they gave me has to be used by September 27, 2020. Lastly, the coupon I received is for $25, not $20…. Well, at least that’s a better deal than expected! Auto Renewal Membership Offer

I rarely use Then again, you just never know. For example, if I need an appliance, I’ll most likely make the purchase through rather than at the warehouse. Reason being that will deliver and remove the old appliance.

At the end of the day, renewing my membership isn’t a hard decision for me. Therefore, I might as well take advantage of this deal. Of course, I can always change my mind if needed.

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