Costco Corona Returns Policy

Costco Corona Virus Policies

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Costco continues to adjust policies in response to the ever-changing Corona Virus situation. In the past week, Costco has started enforcing limits on certain items(toilet paper, paper towels, etc.) Furthermore, Costco is no longer accepting returns on certain items. Costco now has an unofficial set of Costco Corona Virus Policies. (Side Note: I am writing this based on what I see in Canada, but I think it is safe to assume assume the same policies will eventually show up worldwide.)

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Item Limits

I was surprised that Costco took a few days to implement limits on certain items. I mean it doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to figure out that when someone buys a whole pallet of Lysol wipes, it isn’t for personal use. In fact, this behaviour only increases panic and increases the virus’s spread. Not surprisingly, many of these items started appearing on sites like Amazon, E-bay, etc. at greatly inflated prices.

Costco Corona Returns Policy

Cancelled Return Policies on Certain Items

Generally speaking, Costco has a very liberal return policy. I’ve never had trouble receiving a full refund. However, Costco is no longer accepting returns on items that some people were stockpiling. I believe this is in response to documented cases of people buying up all the product, and then reselling it on third party websites at ridiculous prices. Sites like Amazon have recognized this behaviour and shut it down, making far more difficult for these criminals to profit off of this crisis.

Message to Price-Gougers

I’m happy to see that you are now stuck with a lot of product you can’t easily sell or return. I suggest you immediately donate all of your inventory to hospitals, clinics, community groups, food banks, places of worship, etc. so that these items can be put to some good and help undo much of the damage your greed has caused. It won’t make up for your greed and recklessness, but it’s a start.

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