Costco Corona Virus Update

Costco Coronavirus Update

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I’m limiting my visits to public places as much as possible, but I was running low on groceries and had to go to Costco. During my trip, a couple of things took me by surprise and so I thought I’d share them here in my Costco Coronavirus Update. I hope posting this info will help you be more prepared for your next trip to Costco.  Your local Costco might not have the same policies, but it probably won’t be much different either.   

Costco Corona Virus Update

2 Member Limit

My local Costco was only allowing 2 people in, per membership. TOTALLY UNOFFICAL, but a Costco employee mentioned that it might not be long before Costco only allows one person in, per membership. I continue to see a number of families in the store and so to avoid being turned away, I thought I’d mention it. Costco is trying to keep everyone safe via Social Distancing, leading me into my next point…

Costco Corona Virus Update
The arrows highlight the line-up outside the store.

Costco Corona Virus Update

Increasing Line-Ups

Costco is only allowing a certain number of people in the store at a time. Yesterday, I actually had to wait outside for about 45 minutes. Not a big deal, but it was -15 degrees celsius with the windchill. (I’m in Calgary, Canada.) I was dressed properly, but I wasn’t expecting such a long line. Perhaps had I gone earlier or later in the day, I would have had less of a wait… Then again, the Costco in my area is often busy.

Costco Coronavirus Update

Special Hours for Seniors and those with Physical Disabilities

The above hours may vary from store to store so please check out your local store via Costco’s official website, by clicking here. 

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  1. There’s a large family user-base who are throwing around “human rights” whenever they see posts limiting access with their children. These are very self-entitled people who only think about themselves. These are usually the same people who will let their children touch and run around in the stores making everyone feel uncomfortable.

    It must be reminded that each Costco manager is free to bend or ignore Costco rules as they see fit. This is why there can be inconsistency from one location to the next. One location may allow the vulnerable immunocompromised to access the store during senior hours while others won’t. Some will allow your kids to enter despite the 2 person limit

  2. I like the senior hours as I am a senior but my disability in invisible , I need someone with me to help. So next time I will have to go later in the day when my husband can come with me . Also when I did go for senior hours they did not check any id to make sure only seniors were going in.

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