Costco Duracell Rechargeable Kit Review

Costco Duracell Rechargeable Kit Review

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Recently I purchased the Duracell Rechargeable Kit from Costco. I’m all about saving money, but even more important is finding overall value. Therefore, I’ll compare rechargeable batteries to conventional batteries at Costco. (My review on Duracell is unpaid.)

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Costco Duracell Rechargeable vs. Conventional Comparison

Costco Duracell
Costco Duracell Batteries

Price Comparison

Duracell Triple AAA Pack of 48 for $27.99 = $.58 cents/battery
Duracell Double AA Pack of 48 for $27.99 = $.58 cents/battery
Duracell Rechargeable 4 AA & 4 AAA with a Quick Charger for $24.99 = $3.12/battery

Better for the environment

Duracell says on the packaging that these batteries can be charged up to 1000 cycles. Therefore, rechargeable batteries will have a very long life span. In addition, it’s also nice to have less waste.

Less is more

Conventional batteries at Costco come in packages of 48 per battery size. To buy a pack each of AA and AAA, I’d have to buy a total of 96 batteries! Most batteries will just sit in storage and eventually lose some of their charge.

Convenience and the Fully Charged Indicator

Rechargeable batteries take only an hour to charge and the charger indicates batteries are ready with a green light. Side benefit: No more mixing up old, dead batteries with new ones.


In conclusion, I believe the Costco Duracell Rechargeable Kit is the best value for most people. Feel free to explore my other Costco Reviews by clicking here. You can also join my Costco Money Saving Tips and Reviews Facebook page here. Have an awesome rest of your week!

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