Costco Eye Exam Review

Costco Eye Exam Review

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Recently it was time for my wife and I to get eye exams. I went to Costco for my eye exam, but my wife went to a local optometrist. (She wanted hard contact lenses, and Costco doesn’t sell them.) In this post, I’ll compare the difference in pricing for our Eye Exams. The following is my Costco Eye Exam Review.

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Costco Eye Exam Review

Costco Eye Exam Review

The difference in pricing for a simple eye exam between Costco and our local optometrist(who incidentally has a number of locations across my city) was significant! I had a full eye exam at Costco for $95. My wife had an exam at nearby optometrist  and the cost was $157. Obviously we are two different people, but I believe our eye exams were similar in nature, except for the price.

Costco Eye Exam Review

When it comes to purchasing glasses and contacts it becomes a little more difficult to compare. I always try to do an apples to apples comparison but in this case its quite difficult. For example, fashion is the main priority for most consumers, and fashion is subjective. All I can say is that Costco has many frames to choose from and so unless you want something super obscure, Costco has you covered. Quality of lenses and frames are also important and again, I have no concerns in this department.

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I’m certain Costco’s pricing is competitive but when Costco has deals like this one above, good prices get even better!

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