Costco Highway Shopping Benefits

Costco Highway Shopping Benefits

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If you are headed for a long road trip, why not plan to stop off at Costco along the way? Here are my Costco Highway Shopping Benefits list.

Costco Highway Shopping Benefits

Costco Highway Shopping Benefits

Convenient Location – Most Costcos are located along major highway routes. Therefore, you don’t have to go out of your way to stop at one.

Gas – Costco usually has the best prices for gas. Not only that, but if you use Costco’s preferred credit(Costco Capital One MasterCard in Canada) card, you’ll receive 2% cash back. I also really like that the tap and pay feature, making the pump experience pretty seamless. Note: In early 2022, Costco will be phasing the Capital One card soon in favour of a different card… Additional details will soon be released… I think…

Bathroom Breaks – On long drives, nature will call – Thankfully, most Costco washroom/rest rooms are usually clean.

Quick meal – The menu is limited but is also quick, easy, and inexpensive. Where else can you feed a family of 4 for only $6.00?

Exercise – On long drives, you should always take a break to stretch your legs and get the blood going. A Costco warehouse is an ideal place for a stroll. The warehouse is large, climate-controlled, and you might even find a great deal on those sweat pants you’ve been dreaming about! Perhaps you will even pick up a few groceries if you happen to be returning home.

Overall Convenience and Efficiency – As I have outlined above, you can get a lot done during a simple highway stop. Go ahead, maximize your rest time!

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