Costco iPhone6s Plus Review

Costco iPhone6s Plus Review

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This week I saw that Costco in Canada is selling the iPhone6s Plus. (Not sure how long this will last for though.) I love Costco and I love my iPhone6s Plus(which I still use), but in my opinion, I would NOT recommend this purchase. I’ve listed my reasons below and without further adieu, my Costco iPhone6s Plus Review.

Costco iPhone6s Plus Review

Reasons not to buy the Costco iPhone6s Plus

Old Technology – The iPhone 6sPlus was first launched in October 2015. Nearly 5 years ago! Yes, it was a great phone. In fact, I am still using mine(although I’m not sure for how much longer…) However, in terms of technology, 5 years is ancient. As of today, my phone can still receive updates to the operating system but it might not be long before this stops. I’m not one of those guys who always has to upgrade to the latest iPhone(i.e. I’m still using my nearly 5 year old iPhone). However, at the same time, new security, privacy, and other features are important and if I’m going to buy a new phone, I want it to last a while.

Price – At $329, the price isn’t that great. Yes,I’ve never seen a new iPhone being sold for less than $329, but “cheap” does not equal good. I like being frugal, but overall value matters most to me. 

iPhoneSE – The iPhoneSE 2 just went on sale yesterday, April 24th. In Canada, this phone is retailing for $599 making it the lowest cost iPhone that Apple is directly selling. The iPhone SE has far more value. I won’t go into all of the details, but the new iPhoneSE has iPhone 11 guts. The iPhone SE has more power, features,  and will have a much longer lifespan in terms of Apple future updates. Furthermore, if you already have a smart phone(even a non-Apple brand), you might be able to trade it in and receive a credit. For example, I looked up the trade-in value for my iPhone6s Plus. Apple’s website showed me that I could get up a $90 credit. Therefore, the iPhoneSE 2 would actually cost me $509.


I believe that spending an extra $180-$270 with the new iPhoneSE provides far more value. If I had to immediately replace my phone, I’d definitely go with the new iPhone SE. I might just wait till October though as that’s when Apple typically releases their latest iPhone. Hopefully my iPhone 6s Plus makes it till then.

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