Costco Keto Carbonaut Bread Review

Costco Keto Carbonaut Bread Review

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Lately I’ve noticed more “Keto” products at Costco. What is Keto? According to Wikipedia, “The ketogenic diet is a very low carb, high fat diet that shares many similarities with the Atkins and low carb diets.” Sounds good to me and if it helps me drop a few pounds and feel better, I’m happy! Here is my Costco Keto Carbonaut Bread Review. By the way, this is not a sponsored post, I simply like Carbonaut.  Although if you are reading Carbonaut, let’s talk! 😉

Costco Keto Carbonaut Bread Review

Carbonaut bread

Costco Keto Carbonaut Bread Review

  1. Taste – It tastes good. Yeah I could write a flowery review overloaded with adjectives and non-sensical adventure stories filled with double entendres but is that useful? As the Germans say…. Neine!!!
  2. Cost – Carbonaut is “expensive”. At 82.6 cents per 100 grams its definitely one of the more costly breads at Costco, BUT I believe this is one of those quality vs. quantity situations.  For example, two small slices, fills me up. It’s bizarre. Therefore, not as expensive as it appears. I know that Keto people aren’t concerned with price, but my Facebook group entitled “Costco Money Saving Tips and Reviews” is called that for a reason!
  3. Nutrition – Less carbs help me stay in ketosis / “fat burning” mode longer. In addition, the bread is nutritious with a significant amount of fibre. 21% to be precise.
  4. Canadian – Carbonaut is a Canadian bakery based out of Abbotsford, British Columbia. I’m always happy to support a business from Canada or the United States.

Carbonaut bread


Carbonaut is a winner! I’m sensitive to price but I’m even more sensitive to value and quality. Fortunately Carbonaut has these in spades! #carbonaut #keto #costco #carbonautbaking

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  1. Thanks for reviewing! I find it interesting that this “keto” bread has so much wheat (protein, starch, and WW flour) and plant oils. I make my own keto bread and all the recipes I’ve seen use almond flour. I don’t believe there’s an official scientific definition of what comprises keto food (other than how it affects the human metabolism), which could be problematic for consumers of such products.

    1. I’m with you Katherine. I make my own “Keto” bread as well. A friend purchased this Carbonaut bread at Costco and gave me a loaf. When I looked at ALL the ingredients, especially the 3 “wheat” ingredients I ended up giving it back. It also notes that this is NOT a gluten free product which is one of the reasons I gave up “non” keto bread. This bread should not be advertised as KETO in my opinion.

    2. They use the wheat gluten not the actual grain. Gluten is low carb. If you ever look at gluten free products the carb count goes way up.

  2. Hey! Great write up of the bread. Been awhile. It’s been a crazy year. Funny story, believe it or not, my Grandfather actually gave Russell the idea for Keto. The guy was stuck in his lab trying to figure out what to name his fancy new eating plan. He was gonna originally call it ” Water Soluble Molecules Eating Regime”. My grans said why not just call it “Keto” for the Keto bodies then. Well the rest is history. Anyways, gotta dash, been getting calls from Justin asking me what I think about the new vaccines. He says he really needs a win in this. Also Joe’s assistant is calling to confirm if I’ll be available in Jan. I don’t think I’ll be able to make it since I need to head over to Europe. Em and Angela want my help on something the are stuck on. Seems B is being an idiot again. Caio!

  3. My husband is a type 1 diabetic who loves bread, which for him is a disaster for blood sugar spikes. This bread has been the answer, AND it tastes good. It may be made of “cardboard” but when yr options are so limited and it tastes so good, whatcha gonna do? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. I love it. I’ve been searching low carb bread, and nothing beets Carbonaut. I am hoping they could expand into areas of low carb wraps for casadias, or Tortillas…. and they would do very well making a low carb Keto pizza crust that doesn’t taste like cauliflower…. love your bagels too… Richard Verheul

  5. I’ve seen a couple of YouTube videos where ketone levels were tested before and after eating the bread. Ketones dropped after consuming it. Have you found this to be the case for you?

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