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I am not  a medical professional. Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I’ll share another Costco money-saving tip.  Consider buying Kirkland generic medication as opposed to name-brand counterparts. In this post, I’ll compare the Costco Kirkland Allergy Control Drug with the name-brand equivalent. Again, with any type of medication purchase, always consult with your Doctor or Pharmacist. Here is my Costco Kirkland Drug Review.

Unfortunately, I have allergies. No big deal, I just get a case of the sniffles when pollen counts are high. To provide some temporary relief, I occasionaly take an antihistamine. Desloratadine is a well known antihistamine and at Costco you can either buy the name-brand, or a generic equivalent sold under Costco’s Kirkland brand.

Costco Kirkland Drug Review vs. Name-Brand

Here’s the thing, both products are exactly the same. In fact, if you look at the packaging closely, both say 5 mg of Desloratadine. There is one difference though, and it’s a big one. Price. The name brand works out to 38.5 cents/pill and the Kirkland equivalent works out to 10.55 cents/pill, or when it is on sale 8.3 cents/pill.  A difference of about 80%!

Costco Kirkland Allergy Control

Costco Kirkland Allergy Control

I understand that some people feel more comfortable with name brands. However, when it comes to medications, it always pays to ask your Doctor/Pharmacist if there is a generic equivalent. In this case, Costco Kirkland Allergy Control is the exact same product, but for a fraction of the price.

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    1. I don’t know, but my friend says $20/pack! Just kidding, I’m totally making that up. I really wish I could help your friend though. I advise him to call his local Costco pharmacy directly. 🙂

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