Costco Kirkland Jeans Review

Costco Kirkland Jeans Review

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Recently, I needed new jeans. Usually, I go to the Levi’s store as I find my particular size difficult to find, especially in a style that I like. However, I thought that I’d try Costco first. To my surprise, I found a pair in my size and so here is my Costco Kirkland Jeans Review.

Costco Kirkland Jeans Review

The most important question one can ask when buying a new pair of jeans is… Do these jeans make my butt look big? Thankfully my better half without hesitation pointed out that, “no…. your big butt makes your butt look big.” So with that important question settled and body positivity annilated, I bought a pair of Kirkland jeans.

Costco Kirkland Jeans Review

Costco Kirkland Jeans Verdict

My Kirkland jeans cost $18! I’m already in love. A pair of Levi’s are easily $50 or more. The jeans are comfortable and look just as good as a pair of Levi’s. Who knows, maybe Levi’s actually makes them??? Labeled as “slim fit,” they also come with a bit of stretch. My only complaint is that there is no fitting area. Instead, Costco is usually makes it easy to return, if you need to.

Can’t find your Size?

I often can’t find my size, but much like the Ace Of Base, I saw the sign! You can buy different sizes on Costco’s website! You’ll have to pay a little more(in this case $4) but that’s still only $22. Sweet!

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