Costco Local Entertainment Discounts

Costco Local Entertainment Discounts

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From store layout, to actual products sold, Costco warehouses are basically the same. In fact, even a Costco in Japan, isn’t terribly different from a Costco in North America. But did you know that local Costco warehouses will often sell discounted tickets or passes for local entertainment/attractions? So, if you are looking for something to do on a vacation or staycation, I recommend visiting the local Costco. (No matter where you visit in the world, your membership is valid at any Costco.) You might just find some sweet Costco Local Entertainment Discounts.

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I’ll give you an example. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Calgary is close to a number of ski resorts and so Calgary Costco warehouses often sell discounted lift tickets for those same resorts. In addition, Calgary Costco also sells discounted tickets or passes to other local Calgary entertainment/attractions.

Costco Local Entertainment Discounts are usually located near the books section. Cardboard cards are on display, detailing further information. To purchase the the discounted tickets or passes, simply take the card to the cashier. Once payment is complete, a Costco staff member will provide you with your tickets or passes.

Costco Local Entertainment Discounts
Costco Display featuring discounted local attraction tickets/passes

As you can imagine, Costco is extremely competitive in their pricing. For comparison sake I took the Regular Lift Price and compared with the Costco Price. Consequently, the results speak for themselves.

2019/20 Winter Costco Ski Lift Ticket Prices(2 Adults) Comparison

Resort Name(Province/State)      Regular Price   Costco Price  Costco Discount
Lake Louise(Alberta)                   $248.00     $197.99         20%
Sunshine Village(Alberta)              $238.00     $179.99         24%
Mount. Norquay(Alberta)                $178.00     $124.99         30%
Castle Mountain(British Columbia)      $189.90     $149.99         21%
Revelstoke Mountain(British Columbia)  $258.00     $189.99         24%
Kicking Horse/Fernie(British Columbia) $239.90     $179.99         25%
Whitefish(Montana) U.S.A.($CDN)        $219.86     $164.99         25%


  1. Ticket Prices are in Canadian Dollars.
  2. Additional discounts may come with Costco offers.
  3. Regular Lift Prices above do not account for multiple-day discounts
  4. Prices above do not include federal/provincial/state sales taxes.
Lake Louise Costco Discount
Lake Louise Costco Discount Card Info

Costco sells discounted lift passes, but those same passes include additional discounts on additional services like Snow School, Dining, Hotel, Snowshoe Tours, etc.

Costco Local Entertainment Discounts
Costco display for discounted tickets and passes.

In addition, Costco also offers other discounted local entertainment options. For example, my Costco has discounts for the local dinner theatre, day spa, indoor sky diving, and more! Above all, discounts typically range from 20%~30% off the regular price.

Costco Local Entertainment Discounts

Costco Local Entertainment Discounts Conclusion

Everyone knows Costco for the bulk sized groceries and competitive prices. As a result, discounted local entertainment tickets/passes aren’t what immediately comes to mind. Yet, some excellent local entertainment discounts can be found at local warehouses. Like a treasure hunt, you might be surprised by what you discover! Let me know what interesting discounts you find at your local Costco in the comments below!

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