Costco NexGrill BBQ

Costco NexGrill BBQ Review

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Last week I purchased a BBQ from Costco. Specifically, the NexGrill Propane Gas Grill 40,500 BTU model. My NexGrill BBQ has three stainless steel burners, porcelain cast iron grills and cost a total of $289.99 Canadian dollars (approx.$220 USD) before taxes. I give you my Costco NexGrill BBQ Review.

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Costco NexGrill BBQ Price

Costco NexGrill BBQ Transport, Costco NexGrill BBQ Review

The BBQ requires assembly and comes in a very large box. The box weighs approximately 85 pounds and I’d recommend picking it up with a buddy as it’s fairly awkward(if not impossible) maneuvering something of that size/weight all on your own. I suggest moving it with a truck/van, or if you have a hatchback it might work with the seats down. One more reason why I love my Honda Fit.

Costco NexGrill BBQ Assembly, Costco NexGrill BBQ Review

Assembling the BBQ helped me see that this BBQ is well-built. I have had other BBQs in the past and this one definitely has more quality. I visited 5 different stores before buying and this one was the best value by far.

Putting the BBQ together took me a couple of hours. Admittedly, I went at it fairly slow. Simply put, there is nothing worse than putting something together and then realizing 20 steps later that one of the first pieces is on backwards. Sadly, I speak from experience. 🙁

Costco NexGrill BBQ, Costco NexGrill BBQ Review

Costco NexGrill BBQ New, Costco NexGrill BBQ Review

So far I’ve used it a couple of times and have been pleased with it. I’m hoping it will last a long time. I believe there is a 10 year warranty, but I’m sure that’s probably just for parts. Hopefully, I’ll never have to find out.

Costco NexGrill BBQ Cover, Costco NexGrill BBQ Review

Bonus: The BBQ includes a cover, and that should help it last a few extra years. BBQs usually do not include covers which can arrange from an extra $20-$40, so that was a nice touch.

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