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Recently, Costco re-opened their Photo Centre. My partner and I just had our first baby, and so it’s perfect timing to use the Costco Photo Centre! (Note: All prices are Canadian and current as of May 2020.)

Costco Photo Centre

Costco Photo Centre Price Comparison with Wal-Mart

Costco photo development pricing is very competitive. In fact, not even Wal-Mart beats Costco when it comes to digital photo printing. For example, a regular 4×6 photo costs 15 cents/print at Costco. At Wal-Mart, the cost is 23 cents/print. Therefore, Costco is 35% less. On orders larger than 51 prints, Costco charges 12 cents/print and Wal-Mart charges 21 cents/print. Therefore, 43% less at Costco.


Costco has one-hour developing. If you visit the photo centre upon arrival, there’s a good chance your photos will be ready by the time you have finished your shopping. Ba-boom!

Costco Photo Centre Transfer Menu

Other Photo and Video Products

Costco also offers a variety of photo products such as enlargements, frames, coffee mugs, passport photos, and more. Costco even has video and slide transfer to DVD services. I remember a few years ago I found some old 8 mm videotapes from our old Sony Handycam Camera. (The Sony Handycam was the best home video camera in the late 80’s and early 90’s. It’s amazing that cell phones now take much better videos, but I digress.) I remember finding a place that could transfer the videos to DVD, but it was really expensive compared with Costco’s pricing.

Costco Photo Centre Passport Photos

The pricing for passport photos can’t be beat at only $6.99. In comparison, I’ve seen other places charge $15 for passport photos.

Costco Picture Frames

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