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Costco Price Adjustment Follow-Up

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One of the points in my last post about buying sneakers at Costco was that when inventory gets low on an irregularly stocked product(such as shoes), the price often gets marked down. Well guess what just happened??? Behold! Prophecy fulfilled! Therefore, I thought I’d write a Costco Price Adjustment Follow-Up post. I also thought this would be a good opportunity to tie in a couple of my other recent Costco posts… Perhaps I shouldn’t brag but… uh… what can I say???… I told ya so!!! 😉

Costco Price Adjustment Follow-Up

Good shoes, Great Price!

The Costco Running Shoes & Sneakers post featured how Costco sometimes has very reasonably priced shoes. The receipt above shows Adidas sneakers purchased on March 25th for $39.99 Canadian Dollars. Very good as other retailers usually sell the same style of shoe for around $80.

Costco Running Shoes

Costco Price Adjustment Follow-Up

Costco Price Adjustment Complete!

In the Costco Price Adjustment Tips post, I wrote about how if you buy something at Costco and then a short while later see it go on sale, you can request a Price Adjustment. On April 14th, the shoes had been marked down by $10. (This often happens when stock at Costco is discontinued.) Consequently, I requested a price adjustment at the at the Membership desk. When the new price was confirmed, $10 (plus sales tax) was refunded. So basically an $80 pair of sneakers(at other retailers) became $30… Ba-boom!

International Hack: I’ve heard that Costcos outside of North America have a grey area when it comes to Price Adjustments, compared to North America. If Costco in your country refuses to do a price adjustment, I suggest buying the item again(as long as its not a perishable product) at the sale price. Then, return the unopened extra item using your old receipt. I’m not guaranteeing this will work, but I think it’s worth a shot. Especially on the more expensive items!

Cocowest Website

Know before you go

In my Costco West Fan Page Review, I featured two Canadian websites( CocoWest and CocoEast) that publish the weekly advertised/unadvertised sales in Canada. I check the Western site(as I live in Western Canada) before I go to Costco so that I’m aware of all of the sales. Not only does this help me speed up my shopping trip and save a few bucks, it is how I found out about the Adidas sneaker price reduction. Had I not visited CocoWest, I most likely would have missed the reduction and not claimed it. Thanks CocoWest! 🙂

International Hack: If you live outside of Canada you may try doing a google search for a comparable site. Another possibility is to find a local Costco Facebook group as they might highlight local deals. Finally, sites like Reddit may also have local Costco sales & promos to help you find good deals.

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