Costco Price Adjustment Tips

Costco Price Adjustment Tips

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One of the benefits of shopping at Costco are the Price Adjustments. In my Costco Price Adjustment Tips post, I’ll show you how to minimize your Costco bill, even after you’ve made your purchase!

What is a Price Adjustment?

A “Price Adjustment” a.k.a. “Price Protection” allows customers to obtain a partial refund on the purchase of a recently marked down item. For example, suppose you purchase an item one week at “regular price.” The following week you see the same item is on sale or has been marked down. When this happens, you can request a price adjustment, allowing you to obtain the newly marked down price.

Costco Price Adjustment Tips
One week at regular price, the next week on sale!

Price Adjustment Example

To better illustrate, I have combined three separate prices tags of FitBit Versa below. Originally, the Versa’s price was $219.99, but eventually dropped to $199.99, and finally $169.99! It is unusual to see two consecutive price drops, but it can happen! Wouldn’t you be annoyed if you purchased this item for $219.99, and then two weeks later saw it had dropped $50? I know, I would!

Costco Price Adjustment Tips
Costco Changing Prices(3 separate photos combined – taken over the span of about 3 weeks)

Costco Price Adjustment Tips

  1. Recognize the Opportunity – Costco does not advertise most price reductions. Yes, Costco hands out a flyer upon entrance to the store highlighting weekly promotions, but in reality, many more deals exist. Since I live in Western Canada, I quickly scan the Costco West Weekly Fan website for the weekly deals. If you live in Eastern Canada, you can check out the Costco East Fan Website. For my American friends living in the American Northwest, try the Northwest USA Website. For everyone else, you might be able to find a similar website or Reddit thread for your area. Other than that, keep your eyes open on your next visit, and be on the look out for deals!
  2. Note the Sale Price – Ideally it is nice to have your receipt to bring to the Returns desk as it will help the staff process the adjustment. Of course, most people do not carry their old receipts! Therefore, the next best thing is to simply take a photo of the price tag with your smart phone.
  3. Visit the Returns Desk – Showing your old receipt, or a photo of the sale will help the staff member quickly process the adjustment.
  4. 2 Week Time Limit??? – Officially, I’ve been told by staff that Price Adjustments need to be carried out within 2 weeks of the original purchase. Having said that, I believe it might be possible to receive an adjustment even up to 30 days later. I believe staff members have some discretion, and so no matter what, I always recommend being polite. 🙂


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  1. I just re buy it at sale price and return with the old receipt. They have told me before the two week deal so this is what I do now!

  2. I too have been told by Victoria Costco staff that in some cases the item needs to be on sale when I challenge the price and, ridiculously IMHO, that I should carry around my old Costco receipts when I shop there to prove my purchase to the Returns desk.

    1. Hmmm… I know it’s better if you have the receipt with you but for me, they’ve always been able to look it up in the computer. So I’ve never had any problems.

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