Costco Propane Tank, Costco Propane Tank Review

Costco Propane Tank Review

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In my previous post, I wrote a review on the Costco NexGrill BBQ I recently purchased. Well, you can’t run a BBQ without any fuel, so I also purchased a 20 lb. Propane Tank from Costco. Here is my Costco Propane Tank Review.

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What can you say about a Propane Tank? Yeah… pretty standard.  Aside from safety, price is probably the most important factor to most people. As far as I know, Costco sells the least expensive tanks. Mine cost $35.99 CDN, (today’s exchange rate about $27 USD.) Having said that, American Costco may vary by a little more than the exchange rate factored in.

Costco Propane Tank Price, Costco Propane Tank Review

A nice feature of the Costco propane tanks are that they have a fuel gauge. Nobody wants to run out of gas in the middle of cooking a juicy steak so the gauge should help you avoid this. If you look closely you should be able to make out a gauge near the valve on the top of the tank.

Costco Propane Tank, Costco Propane Tank Review

Since I bought the tank from Costco, my first Propane fill up was $11.79 CDN, which seems more than reasonable. In comparison, I’ve heard other gas stations charging around $20 CDN for a fill-up. Maybe I got a deal since it was the first time to fill it up. I’ll find out during my next refill I guess.

Costco Propane, Costco Propane Tank Review

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  1. How long will the 1 can last you? I remember my dad’s barby just collect dust in our yard as a kid. Was more of a lawn ornament than anything. Probably only filled the tank once 🙂

    1. I’m not sure, but I think even more important than that is I think they will check the age of the tank. If it is over a certain age, I don’t think they are legally allowed to refill it.

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