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Costco doesn’t always have running shoes/sneakers for sale, but when they do, I seriously consider picking up a pair for me or my wife. All things considered, Costco Running Shoes & Sneakers equal good value.

Costco Adidas Sneakers


Firstly, running shoes/sneakers at Costco are not always available. I’d say that running shoes/sneakers tend to be available once every 2-3 months. When in stock, it is not long before they sell out.

If you get super lucky, you might see them on clearance for $30. I wouldn’t count on it though, because when the price drops, they seem to instantly disappear. Plus, at that point finding the right size can be very difficult. Especially so if you have “average” sized feet.

Adidas Sneakers


Here in Canada, pricing for Costco athletic shoes has always been $39.99. The brand of shoes is often different. For example, I’ve seen brands such as Reebok, Puma, Adidas, Fila, etc… When comparing price, I’d say comparable models at other sporting good stores would range between $60-$80. Therefore, I believe Costco provides good value.

Puma Running Shoes


Obviously, these are not high end shoes. However, they are more than adequate for the average person. Most of time, I just use them for a pair of comfortable, casual shoes. However, if I temporarily lose my mind and go to the gym, my feet won’t get destroyed. 😉 By the way, I never go the gym. Lol.

Costco Puma Running Shoes

Extra tips

Even if I don’t need shoes/sneakers, I’ll often buy a pair anyway. Running shoes are always something that I’ll eventually need and like I said, they are not always in stock when I need them. Plus at $40, I’m not going to end up homeless because of them. Thanks Costco! 🙂

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