Costco Sales Price Tags

Costco Sales Price Tags

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Costco seems to be expanding the use of different versions of sales price tags. In the past, a price tag would show the original price, discount amount -$X, and the final price. However, these days Costco seems to be switching things up. Here are my tips to help you identify Costco Sales Price Tags.

Costco Sales Price Tags

The Asterisk (*)

Costco has long used the asterisk (*) to indicate that after all remaining stock is sold, that’s it. . Discontinued item prices are often marked down.

Prices not ending with .99

You may have noticed that most prices at Costco end in .99. If you are looking at an item’s price ending with anything but .99, congratulations, you just found yourself a deal, partner! For example, prices ending in .98, are typically a “manager’s special.” In addition, prices ending in .97 are typically the final sales price. Finally, other decimal endings may be sale prices from the manufacturer. Either way, you win!

Costco Sales Price Tags

Single Yellow Highlights

Single highlights(shown above) are something new. Personally, I think this type of price tag is more difficult to spot as the tag doesn’t stand out. The price tag doesn’t show the exact discount, but there is a discount.

Costco Sales Price Tags

Yellow Price Tags

Yellow Price Tags are eye catching as you can see it from a mile away. The amount of discount is also clearly indicated.


I’m not sure why Costco has so many versions of Sales Price Tags. Perhaps they hope to make their customers look harder for the deals. Therefore encouraging customers to spend more time in the store, thus increasing sales.  Just my theory…. At any rate, I hope this guide helps you achieve Costco Price Nirvana. Namaste or whatever! 😉

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