Costco same-day delivery

Costco Same-Day Delivery Review

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Costco just started same-day delivery service in Canada. Here’s a look at the pricing to see how it compares to in-store pricing. Welcome to my Costco Same-Day Delivery Review!

First of all, it is nice to see Costco finally launch a delivery service for groceries. Conversely, I suspect Costco’s leadership might have some resistance to the idea. After all, grocery shopping online renders the Costco treasure hunt (where you end up buying something you weren’t planning on) less effective.

Costco same-day delivery

Costco same-day delivery vs. in-store Price Comparison

*I tried to pick at least one item from each section. Using the regular online price vs. the in-store regular price. Prices are of July/August 2020 from Calgary, Canada.

Item                                                                            Store Price                      Online Price               Delivery Mark-up

Lean Ground Beef Package                                       $9.99/kg                         11.99/kg                              +20%

Extra Large Eggs – 30 count.                                     $7.79                                    $9.59                               +23.1%

Milk 2% 4 litre                                                                 $4.59                                   $5.49                                +19.6%

Kirkland Marble Cheese 1.15 kg                              $12.99                                $15.59                              +20%

Huggies Diapers Size 3 – 210 count                        $46.99                                 $56.19                            +19.6%

Kirkland Thick Sliced Bacon 1.5 kg                          $14.99                                $17.89                            +19.4%

Cascade Advanced Dishwasher Gel  2.83 Litres  $9.99                                  $11.99                            +20%

Trident Assorted Gum 24 count                                $12.99                               $15.59                            +20%

Kraft Peanut Butter 2 kg                                             $7.39                                  $8.89                              +20.3%

Costco same-day delivery

Online pricing is an additional 19-23% and I think that’s too high. After all, people shop at Costco to save money. If I were Costco, I’d have a variable service fee. For example, purchases between $35-$150 require a $25 delivery fee, purchases between $150-$300 require a $20 delivery fee. Anything above $300, gets free delivery. Not sure if my numbers would work, but it’s fun to guess! What do you think? Do you think this Costco same-day delivery will be popular? Leave a comment!

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