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I love Costco but I don’t have a lot of time to wonder around or return to the store because I forgot to buy something. Therefore, using my iPhone Notes App, I make a weekly shopping list. (I’m sure Android users have a similar app.) Using the Notes App provides a number of benefits. Scroll down to see my Costco Shopping List Tip.

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Costco Shopping List iPhone Notes App

Reasons to Use the Notes app for your Costco Shopping List

  • Having a list on my phone stops me from misplacing or losing my shopping list.
  • My shopping trip becomes more efficient because I know what I need. In addition, I won’t have to come back because I forgot to buy something.
  • Since I always have my phone nearby, I can update my list at anytime throughout the week. (i.e. When I realize I’m all out of bananas, I add it to my list.)
  • Last and maybe most important, I share access to the Notes file with my wife. She can edit the list. For example, adding or subtracting from the list. Especially when  she doesn’t like it 🙁 ) If you don’t know how to share a note on your iPhone, click here for instructions!

Thanks for reading my Costco Shopping List Tip post. Feel free to explore my other Costco Reviews by clicking here. You can also join my Costco Money Saving Tips and Reviews Facebook page here. Have an awesome rest of your week!

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