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Costco Social Distancing Era

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I went to Costco today as I had to pick up a few groceries. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Would Costco be super busy? Would there be riots over toilet paper? Fights to the death over the last bag of rice? Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised….. Here is what you can expect now that we are in the Costco Social Distancing Era…

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What to Expect

I live in Calgary, Canada . As you can see, we still have snow, probably for a while yet….

costco line-up

In the above photo, if you look closely you can see line stations strung across the front of the store. I took this photo as I was leaving, but when I arrived, there was a short line.

Costco entrance line up

Costco had a security guard posted outside the front doors. I suppose to make sure people stayed civil. On the plus side, the line was orderly and not that long. The line took about 3 minutes to get through. Pallets were setup to help direct traffic. As I entered, an employee with a spray bottle of disinfectant sprayed my shopping cart handle bar.

costco limit

costco social distancing

Throughout the store, a number of new signs were on display. Some explaining social distancing and others regarding limits on certain items. (i.e. Paper towels, toilet paper) Overall, stock levels were pretty decent on most items.

costco social distancing era

All over the store Costco had bottles of Lysol disinfectant wipes. I was actually hoping to buy some of these wipes, but they were all out of stock. I’m sure they will get some more in soon. At any rate, it was nice they had them available for customers to use.

costco restaurant no tables

The restaurant area no longer had any tables or chairs. You can still order food, you just can’t eat there. Makes sense since pretty much all other restaurants in Calgary are closed to everything but take-out. The self-serve order machines at the restaurant were also turned off, as they are touch screens.

costco social distancing era

As I left the store, line stantions again directed traffic. One of the staff members directed me to hold out my receipt so that the person checking over my receipt wouldn’t have to touch it.

Better to be safe than sorry

Obviously, Costco has made a number of changes to how they do business. It may look like overkill, but I think they are doing all the right things, enforcing limits, reducing crowds, and disinfecting where they can. Looks like Costco is doing the best they can and it was good to see people more relaxed than the last time I was there.

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  1. Well glad to see you staying safe in these trying times. I have been out of it a while. Been stuck in a lab in Switzerland. Apparently my blood has some special antibodies that they believe may help fight off Corona and possibly increase IQ in the process. I’ve gotta to what I’ve gotta do to help.

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