Costco Stock-Up Strategy

Costco Stock-Up Strategy

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Costco is successful because it sells items in bulk for relatively low prices. If you want to save money maybe you should start thinking like Costco and buy in bulk. Here is my Costco Stock-Up Strategy.

Costco Stock-Up Strategy

Costco has sales every week and when Costco has a sale, the price is nearly impossible to beat. Of course if you are not wise, you might just be wasting your money and so try using the following criteria.

Costco Stock-Up Strategy Criteria

Rule #1 – Will you use all of that product before it expires? If not, forget it! Waste is bad for the environment, and your wallet.

Rule #2 – Do you have storage space? If not, forget it. You don’t need to be on the next episode of Hoarders.

Rule #3 – Does this item go on sale frequently? If yes, just catch the next sale. If not, then stock-up. Of course you have to be somewhat familiar with the frequency of sales for that particular product. For example, in my experience Cascade Dishwasher Gel is frequently on sale. Therefore, I don’t buy more than one at a time.


Costco Stock-Up Strategy

Additional Example: Nescafe Instant Coffee is typically $10.49/can. However, when it goes on sale, the price becomes $7.99/can. Savings = $2.50/can.

Criteria Met

Nescafe is vacuum sealed. Therefore, an unopened can will last a long time. Next, I have the space to store a few cans. Finally, while Nescafe sometimes goes on sale, it’s happened before where there were no sales for an extended period. Therefore, buying 5 cans isn’t unreasonable, and will save me $12.50.

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