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Costco Superstore Shopping Trip

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As you might have guessed from reading this blog, I love Costco. However,  sometimes Costco doesn’t always work for me. For example, finishing off 5 lbs of lettuce, or a 50 lb bag of sugar isn’t realistic for my family of three. Sometimes, Costco doesn’t even sell what I need. So I go to Costco first, and then Superstore for the rest.

Costco Superstore

Costco Superstore Observations

  • Where there’s a Costco, there’s a almost always a Superstore nearby – I think Costco purposely locates stores near Superstore because both companies are going for the same kind of demographic. (People who want low cost groceries, and are willing to buy in bulk.)
  • Visit Costco, then visit Superstore and chances are you will see someone you just saw at Costco – I always find this kind of funny because both stores are huge and in different locations. Makes sense as I’m not the only one trying to stretch my dollars. Furthermore, visiting both stores on the same outing is more efficient.
  • Superstore has very competitive prices – Generally speaking, Superstore pricing isn’t as competitive as Costco’s. However, Superstore has far more sizes and options.

Costco Superstore

  • Superstore online ordering and pick-up (PC Express)  is a great service – COVID-19 is pretty awful but if there’s a silver lining I’d say COVID-19 has helped accelerate the usage of PC Express. I recently started using PC Express and while there have been a few blips in service, the service has greatly improved. At this point, I don’t think I’d go back to how I used to shop at Superstore.

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