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Most people know they can buy tires at Costco Tire Centre. But did you know that even if you didn’t buy your tires at Costco, you can save on other tire services at Costco? (For seasonal tire changes, I’ve heard Costco may not change tires if at least one set wasn’t bought from Costco.)Costco Tire Centre


Costco Tire Centre Installation

Costco Tire Centre Services and Pricing (At my Costco – May 2021)

  • Costco Purchased New Tire Install  $19.99 per tire        Competition     $30*
  • Tire Repair                                              $11.50 per repair   Competition     $40*
  • Balance                                                   $5 per tire                Competition     $25 per tire*
  • Rotation and Balance                         $29.99                      Competition     $100*

* For the competitor pricing above I called a couple of national tire chain shops. Clearly, Costco has the edge when it comes to pricing. Again, I just love that even if you didn’t buy your tires at Costco, you can still get your tires serviced. Not only that, but while you wait, you can shop. 🙂 

Frequent Costco Tire Sales

Costco always seems to have a tire sale, usually limited to a select brand. For example, during May 2021, you can save $100 – $130 for a set of Bridgestone tires.

Book Appointments Online

Just like the rest of the store, the tire counter is often busy. Therefore, try booking online by visiting the Costco website. Look for a time when you typically buy groceries and you’ll be killing two birds with one stone!

Bonus Tip!

After your initial tire appointment you should return within the next few days to get your wheels retorqued. You don’t need to book an appointment and it should only take a few minutes. Just drive up to the garage and ask if someone can quickly re-torque your wheels. Do this and you can avoid having your wheels fall off when driving at highway speeds. Sweet! 😉

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