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Costco Toboggan Parka Review

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Throughout the year Costco has a number of seasonal items come through it’s warehouse. Like magic, one day they are there, and the next time you go, poof…. they gone!!! Since we are just about to begin winter, Parkas have arrived. Now I can’t say that I’m a winter jacket expert, but then again I am Canadian and therefore automatically qualified to review Parkas. Hmm… I guess I can say I’m a winter jacket expert! Here is my Costco Toboggan Parka Review. Side note: This is not a paid review, I just like the Parka.

Costco Toboggan Parka

Toboggan is a Canadian company based in Montreal. To be honest, I’d never heard of Toboggan but apparently they’ve been around since 1977.

Costco Toboggan Parka

Toboggan Parka Pricing

When the Toboggan Parka first appeared at my local Costco, the price was $200. For comparison sake I had a look at a few other stores and the best price I could find for something similar was $400 or more.

The next time I went to my local Costco, I noticed that the supply was dwindling. The price was then marked down to $140. When I saw this price, I knew that now was the time to buy because I probably wouldn’t get a second chance.

Costco Toboggan Parka

Parka Functionality

I’ve had the parka now for a couple of weeks and I really like it. It’s a very warm jacket and that’s clearly the most important thing. I’ve already had some opportunities to test it out in -20 degree Celsius(-4 Fahrenheit) and it has performed well. The jacket is also not too heavy and I like the furry hood!

Overall, I’m very happy with this purchase. I feel like I’ve gotten a lot of value for my $140!

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