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Costco Treasure Hunt Tactic

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What is the Costco Treasure Hunt Tactic?

On first look, Costco might appear like a big, dumb, warehouse filled with boring aisles of bulk sized products. Au contraire mon frère!!!  Costco is so much smarter than that. For example, the “Costco Treasure Hunt Tactic” is what makes shopping at Costco, fun. By temporarily stocking new products in highly visible locations, Costco ensures a new shopping experience each time. Genius! Regular Costco customers know that certain products may not be there the next time they visit. Consequently, instilling an urgency on part of said customer to purchase the item, a.k.a. an “impulse buy.” Ahhh… the impulse buy, a classic sales technique. Bravo, Costco, bravo. You’ve employed psychology, to meet your monthly sales goals!

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So what kind of idiot falls for this tactic?

Yours truly of course! A few months ago I had a great personal trainer who let me borrow a simple foam roller that helps stretch out the back. Over the next few days, I used the roller and found that it helped alleviate the discomfort in my back. Fast forward to a few weeks later, during my weekly Costco trip, what do I see placed right near the store entrance? The PurAthletics Textured Foam Roller for $26.99 CDN ( ~$20 USD) Hello, impulse buy!

Costco Treasure Hunt Tactic, PurAthletics Textured Foam Roller, Costco

Costco Treasure Hunt Tactic, PurAthletics Textured Foam Roller Exercise Sheet, Costco

I’ve now had the roller for a few months and I still use it on the regular. Foam rollers are not a regularly stocked item at Costco. Therefore, the foam roller qualifies as a “treasure hunt” item!

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  1. The trick is to keep your Costco receipts with you. If an item is reduced just go to customer service and get a price adjustment. Couple of years back I bought a kayak rack for $149. Toward the end of the season they were reduced to $98 so I went to customer service and got an adjustment. Two weeks later there were a handful left and they were reduced to $39 so I got another price adjustment.

    1. That’s an amazing couple of price adjustments! Having said that, I’ve actually received a price adjustment even without my receipt. If missing your receipt I think they can look up the purchase via your membership number.

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