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Costco Website Appliance Shopping

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Recently my over-the-range microwave died. Unlike the Costco warehouse, Costco online sells a variety of over-the-range microwaves and so I looked there first. Ultimately, I ended up buying at a local appliance store, but Costco Website Appliance Shopping still got me a great deal(to be continued below…)

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So why didn’t I buy from Costco Website Appliance section?

The short answer is… installation. I know this probably isn’t a big deal to anyone that’s handy, but that’s not me. Yes, Costco will deliver and setup appliances that are rather simple(i.e. Washers, Dryers, Stoves, Refrigerators) but an over-the-range microwave requires a mounting bracket and that means drilling into the wall. I called Costco online, but they told me they didn’t have any installers in my area and so all they could do was deliver the microwave. No installation. 🙁
After doing some research online I found a couple of local appliance stores selling the exact same model. I mentioned to the store that I found the same model at Costco online and when I said that, they got competitive, fast. In short, they gave me a total installed price that I felt was reasonable.
Information is power. Do your research, check Costco online, make a couple of phone calls, and then seal the deal! It is that easy, friend-o! Pow!!!

Costco Website Appliance Shopping

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