Costco Website Savings Review

Costco Website Savings Review

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The Costco website is underrated. In fact, I’ll even say that I am biased against it. How dare I!!! In the following post, I’ll do my best not to just rid myself of this prejudice, but you as well. Welcome to my Costco Website Savings Review post! (Prices are in Canadian dollars. However, I’ll bet Costco websites around the world are relatively similar.)

The Bias

As a general rule, the price for the same product on the website vs. the warehouse is always more expensive. The simple explanation??? Shipping charges.

Costco Website Savings Example

Costco Website Savings Review

Recently I wanted to buy a “standard” iPad. Costco’s warehouse sells a 10.2″ 128 GB – 7th generation iPad for $539.99. (Shown above.)

Costco Website Savings Review

But guess what? The Costco website has a 10.2″ 128 GB – 8th generation iPad for an extra $5.00, including delivery. (The 8th generation has a more powerful processor.)

However,  I noticed that more models were available online. For example, one difference was that instead of 128 GB memory, there were models with 32 GB memory. Since I never even came close to filling the 16 GB capacity of my 5 year old iPad, I knew that a 32 GB version would meet my requirements. In addition, a 32 GB model costs about  $120 less.
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Costco Website Savings Review

The Key Takeaway

Therefore, if you need to buy something that is expensive and/or tough to find, check the website! I got a better product for my needs, AND I saved $115! 

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