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Costco prices are competitive, especially during promotions. As customers enter the store, greeters pass out flyers featuring the weekly promotions on Costco products. However, many sales and price reductions go unadvertised, and thus are easily missed. Fortunately, the Costco West Fan Page and Costco East Fan Page highlight both the weekly advertised and unadvertised deals in Canadian Costcos! So before you head out on your next trip to Costco, check this website out, it’s worth it. To keep things simple, I’ll just refer to the Costco West Fan Page, but the same goes for Costco East Fan Page.

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Costco West Fan Page Review Fitbit Price tag
Fitbit Regular Price Example
Costco West Fan Page Review FItBit Price Reduced
Fitbit Unadvertised Promotion Example

Unadvertised Price Reduction Example

The photos above are a great example of an unadvertised price reduction. As you can see, the price dropped in the second photo by $20. Since there is no obvious indication of the change in price, it would be easy to miss this promotion. However if you had visited the Costco West Fan Page, a photo of the price would have been posted, alerting you to the sale.

Weekly Update Posting Schedule

The “Costco sale week” begins each Monday, and usually lasts until the following Sunday. The Costco West Fan Page publishes the weekly items on Tuesday at 5 a.m. PST. (If you want to know about the sales earlier, you can purchase membership from the site.) In addition, the site will also update additional sales on Thursday and Saturday mornings.

Costco West Fan Page Discounts

Before I visit Costco, I check out the Costco West Fan Page and quickly scroll through the pictures of marked down items. When I see a product that interests me, I add it to my shopping list. Typically, the sales and price reductions are around 20% – 30%. Sometimes you can even find even greater discounts. Since everything is in bulk, the savings quickly add up.

Costco West Fan Page Review Receipt

Above is my latest receipt. Quite a few items were on sale this week,. Since I knew these items were on sale before I went to the store, I didn’t miss out. Moreover, I purchased items that I didn’t necessarily need this week but will need in the near future. That way, I secured the deal.

Item Breakdown and Discounts

  • Baby Wipes = $22.99 Discount $4.50 = 20% discount
  • Jet Dry Rinse Agent = $12.99 Discount $4.00 = 30% discount
  • Pizza Kit = $ 8.89 Discount $ 2.00 = 23% discount
  • Stewing Beef = $28.54 Discount $ 5.00 = 23% discount
  • Chicken Drumsticks = $14.47 Discount $ 3.00 = 21% discount
  • Cascade Dishwasher Gel = $9.99 Discount $ 2.00 = 20% discount

Total of $20.50 saved, equaling an average discount of 23%.

Price Adjustments

Sometimes I’ll see something on sale that I purchased the week before, at regular price. Since Costco has a two week price adjustment policy, I simply visit the customer service desk and let them know of the change in price. (Tip: It’s helpful if you have your receipt OR a picture of the reduced price, as this will allow the staff member to quickly make the adjustment.)

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