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I am writing this post to support the Help Save Matthew Campaign. Four years ago I worked for Enercon, a German Wind Turbine Manufacturer. Enercon has their Canadian headquarters in Montreal and this is where I first met Matthew Schreindorfer. Matthew was a young Engineer, just beginning his career. While we did not work in the same division, I often saw Matt in the hallways and at various company events. Being that I was new to town, I especially appreciated his welcoming and always pleasant demeanor. In short, Matt is one of those rare people you meet and can instantly sense their kindness.

Help Save Matthew Campaign


For the past three years, Matthew has battled an extremely aggressive cancer. I can’t imagine how difficult this struggle has been for him and family. I’ve followed Matthew’s battle on Facebook and have seen the many highs and lows of his fight. Through all of this, if there is one thing that I’ve learned about Matthew, it’s that despite his gentle nature the man is incredibly strong. Regrettably, things have recently taken a turn for the worse and Matt has become extremely sick. Matt’s last chance is to now take part in an expensive treatment offered in Seattle.

I started this blog in early November 2016 and my readership is tiny. Regardless of this fact, I would like to assist the Help Save Matthew Campaign. If you can, please send a donation. No matter how big or small, everything helps and will get Matt the treatment he needs.

I realize that you may not yet have had the good fortune to meet Matthew, if you ever do you’ll know that the world needs more people like him. Go ahead and donate now!  You’ll be building good karma, and at the same time be doing this world a massive favor! Everyone wins!

Stay strong and keep fighting Matt!


  1. On another note, you should remove the sample page in the upper corner of you blog. Looks a bit amateurish. 🙂
    Also since you use wordpress you should install Can help people easy tweet out quote and phrases from your blog.

    1. Doug, I can say that beyond a shadow of a doubt that you truly’s harshest critic. Nevertheless, your feedback is appreciated and will be given utmost consideration! Thank you for your contributions.

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