Elon Musk Interview Highlights

Elon Musk Interview Highlights

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On June 2nd, 2019, Elon Musk did an interview with the Ride the Lightning Podcast. The interview was excellent and I highly recommend downloading the podcast. Many topics were discussed but for this post, I thought I’d summarize my favourite parts of the interview. I hope you’ll enjoy reading my Elon Musk Interview Highlights. Let’s get into it!

Elon Musk Interview Highlights
Photo Credit: Ride The Lightning Unofficial Tesla Podcast

Overcoming Relentless Negativity (6:07)

In 2008, it was thought to be impossible to make a long range, high performance, electric car. Even Elon thought that Tesla had only a 10% chance of being successful. The Roadster was Tesla’s first car and sold well as a niche product. Of course it wasn’t long before critics changed their tune and claimed it was “easy” to produce an electric sports car. Critics then claimed the real challenge is producing an electric premium sedan. Tesla answers with the Model S – Motor Trend’s 2013 Car of the Year. The criticism of Tesla continues and never ends. I enjoyed these stories because it shows that Tesla and Elon Musk continue to fight on. 🙂 Even if you don’t care about cars, the lesson on perseverance is certainly worth learning from.

The New Roadster Hardcore Smackdown (20:40)

Tesla will soon be coming out with a new updated version of the Roadster. Elon admits it’s not really necessary to produce such a car, but that the new Roadster will utterly crush any gas car… on every dimension. Elon mentioned that there’s going to be some new things with the Roadster that are “unfair to other cars.” Elon couldn’t disclose everything about the new Roadster but there was talk of a “Space X package.” The Space X package will cold gas thrusters, allowing the car to go any direction, including up at 2 g’s. Ummm…. that’s insane! I guess when one of your other companies builds rockets, there’s going be some technology crossing over.

Tesla Technology and Design Innovations (25:27)

Elon talks extensively about the technology and design of Tesla models. I find it interesting because Tesla is a relatively new auto company that heavily relies on technology. Much of their technology is self-developed. For example, Tesla has developed sonar that can see through metal, bluetooth triangulation to automatically open doors, and has even worked with video game developers. In addition, Tesla is continuing to develop autonomous operation. If you’re a tech nerd, you can’t miss this interview. Even if you aren’t, the conversation is really interesting.

Tesla Future Direction (44:43)

Finally, Elon was asked if Tesla might make an even more affordable car. For example, one for $20,000 USD. Elon said it’s just not possible right now. He mentioned how regular cars have essentially had trillions of dollars poured into them over a 150 years to refine their technology. In contrast, Tesla is only on it’s third version. Elon also feels that an autonomous car is the better route to pursue, potentially increasing the car’s value up to 5 times. The idea being that autonomous cars would allow owners to make money by giving rides. Fleet managers would then service the cars as needed.


Elon never disappoints. In Tesla’s short history, the company has accomplished so much. The challenges Tesla has faced have been significant, but they keep pressing ahead. Truly inspiring. I look forward to seeing where Tesla goes next!

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Thanks for reading my summary of the Elon Musk Interview Highlights from the Ride the Lightning Podcast. I hope you enjoyed it. The podcast comes out weekly and I encourage you to check it for yourself here!


  1. I’m not too sold on the idea of having a stranger sit and use my car just to earn some extra money. I think most people that can afford to part with the cash for a Tesla are really that hard pressed for the extra cash either. Will be rather a niche thing

  2. Cold gas thrusters?!? Sounds cool I but really doubt that will become a reality. Also, I think Elon should get his team working on making a Tesla motorcycle. Ebikes have struggled to become popular popular or even that useful due to limited range. Maybe he can change that.

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