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Endy Referral Code plus Review

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Recently I purchased an Endy foam mattress online, inspiring me to write my Endy Referral Code plus Review. If you decide to buy an Endy, click here and save $55 by using my Endy referral code. In short, I really like my Endy and at $800 (after using the $55 referral code) + taxes, felt it provided great value in comparison to the competition.

Endy mattress, Endy, Endy Referral Code plus Review

Purchasing a bed from Endy is unlike going to a regular furniture or mattress store because the whole process takes place online. Here’s a list of the biggest things I took from my experience:

No Retail Store

When searching for a new mattress,  I usually visit a mattress or furniture store and then lie on a few to decide which one I like. Since Endy doesn’t have this, I had to take a leap of faith and try it out at my home. I knew that if it turned out that I didn’t like it, I could use Endy’s  100 night return, no questions asked policy. Returns are free.

One Type of Endy but all different sizes

Endy makes beds in all different sizes(King, Queen, etc.) but they only have one type of mattress. Rated a 7/10 on the firmness scale, Endy believes this one will work best for most. I know that every time I’ve been to the store to buy a bed, I can never make up my mind so this actually made it an easy decision.

Delivery Time

Endy states on their website that it takes 3-7 business days to receive the bed. Mine arrived 4 business days later. Not bad since I live over 4000 km(2500 miles) from where Endy is manufactured.

Unboxing and Rolling out the Endy

Endy will deliver to your home but weighs about 70 lbs(Queen Size) and is in a pretty large box so it’s better if you have a helper. After that, it’s really easy to remove it from the bag and roll it out.

Endy, Endy box, Endy Referral Code plus Review

Endy rolled up, Endy mattress roll, Endy, Endy Referral Code plus Review

Endy instructions roll, Endy instructions, endy, Endy Referral Code plus Review

Thanks for reading my Endy Referral Code plus Review. For other posts that contain referral codes and reviews that will save you money check out my Referral Cost Posts category, such as my Air BnB post which will get you $45 off AirBnB!

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