Find Cheap Gas using GasBuddy, GasBuddy App

Find Cheap Gas using GasBuddy

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There are two things that people never seem to get tired of talking about, weather, and the price of gas. Nothing can be done to change the weather, but you certainly have a choice when it comes where you buy your gasoline. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present my find cheap gas using GasBuddy App Review!

Find Cheap Gas using GasBuddy, GasBuddy App

Using GasBuddy is simple and it works all over North America! Download the app or open the GasBuddy website, and press the “find gas near you” button. A list of the nearest gas stations and prices appear. To find the cheapest gas in a specific area, just type that city’s name in the search bar and a list of results appears.

Find Cheap Gas using GasBuddy, GasBuddy App Station List
GasBuddy App Station List

To look up nearby stations using a map, simply select “map”, also found to the right of the top search bar. A map detailing nearby gas stations appear.

Find Cheap Gas using GasBuddy, GasBuddy App Station Map
Notice the 11 cents(almost 11%) difference between the two different stations? The two stations are literally a 5-minute drive from each other.

Find Cheap Gas using GasBuddy

Anytime I go on a road trip, I like to use GasBuddy to help me find the lowest prices along my route.

For example, let’s say I decide to go to Vancouver for the weekend. I’ll use the GasBuddy map function to see what prices are along my route. Above, I see that gas is $1.069/litre at Kamloops Costco, $1.129/litre in Abbotsford Costco and is $1.319/litre in downtown Vancouver. The difference in gas between Kamloops and Vancouver is almost 21%!

My plan of attack is to fill up in Kamloops, put in another half tank or so in Abbotsford, and avoid buying gas in Vancouver entirely. Putting in a few seconds of research using the GasBuddy app saved me around $30 in gas for this trip. Spending a few seconds to research prices is worth it.

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  1. You are so frugal which is good but these things take time to research and some people like me already have a favourite gas station they go to. But good for you to find a bargain.

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