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Gas n Go Car Wash Parksville BC Review

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During the holidays I took a road trip from Kamloops, BC to Parksville, BC, on beautiful Vancouver Island. The total trip one way was 465 km. Along the way, my car became dirty from all the road salt and melting dirty snow. Now, when I say dirty what I mean to say is not just dirty…. Oh no… I’m talking Christina Aguilera “Dirrty!” Good Lord, now that’s dirty!!! Car washes are expensive and so I took mine to the Parksville Gas N Go Car Wash.

So what were my other options to get myself out of this pickle?

Car Wash Options

  • #1 – Take it to an automated car wash but this costs a fortune, as in around $10!
  • #2 – Get it detailed but this would fully deplete my life savings of $100.
  • #3 – Take a bucket of warm water and soap and hand wash it. The price for that is $0 but that doesn’t work. I told you, man, this vehicle was dirrty!!! (Aguilera style)
  • #4 – Take it to Parksville’s finest do it yourself car wash, Gas N Go Car Wash. AKA Wash N Go Car Wash. Approximate cost $1 – $2. Bang!

Parksville BC Gas n Go Gas Station, gas n go car wash

Gas N Go Car Wash Solution

Yes, the Gas N Go at 650 East Island Highway will do the job just fine. Using their high pressure wand washer and foam brush I was able to get the Aguilera level grime off this fine automobile. Financially, I was left unbroken as the cost was a very reasonable at $1.00 for 2.5 minutes of hot water. In addition, this water comes in variety of selections such as wash, soap, wax, and the classic rinse!!! mmmm…. we’re in business now baby!

Parksville BC Gas n Go Car Wash

As you can see, the results speak for themselves! The before and after. It’s amazing how a simple car wash can make a car look so much better. Too bad, it won’t stay clean for very long.

2013 Honda Fit Dirty Clean, Gas N Go Car Wash

2013 Honda Fit Sport Side Profile, gas n go car wash



  1. All this talk of being dirty and wanting to be clean wouldn’t be a subconscious cry for help would it? Or maybe a reflection of a deep subconscious storyline 🙂

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