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How to Get Around Seattle for Cheap

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Getting around a major city is a major cost and Seattle is no exception. In downtown Seattle, parking is expensive. A quick Google search showed me that it would cost at least US $25 or more to park longer than 4 hours. Similarly, taxis are often outrageous and even a rideshare services like Uber aren’t inexpensive. So how to get around Seattle for cheap? My solution… Seattle’s Public Transit System.

seattle public transit, Using Seattle's Public Transit System

First of all, location of your accommodations will make a difference. My accommodations were located near Seattle’s Northgate Shopping Center. Northgate has an express bus stop to the downtown area. The route is Route 41.

Route 41 buses are frequent and since they make limited stops, they travel quickly. For example, from the Northgate Shopping Center a car will take about 15 minutes to reach downtown if traffic is good. Route 41 can also take you to downtown(Westlake Station) and will get you there in 25 minutes. Furthermore, Westlake Station, also has free wi-fi! Not too shabby!

westlake station, Seattle public transit, Using Seattle's Public Transit System

seattle metro wifi, seattle public transit, Using Seattle's Public Transit System

Trying to get around Seattle for cheap may lead you to believe that you have to compromise on safety. Thankfully, uniformed transit security officers patrol each major transit stop, making things feel a little more secure.

seattle metro officer, security

Westlake Station also has murals. Art is cool.

westlake station mural, seattle metro, seattle public transit, Using Seattle's Public Transit System
I swear Officer, it wasn’t me!

Finally, using Seattle’s Public Transit System is inexpensive at $2.50/fare. In addition, don’t forget to ask for a transfer either! I did and for some reason my transfer was good until 8:00 am the next day. Bonus! So instead of paying $25 for parking, bus fare was a grand total of $5 as there were two of us. Consequently, the bus/train fair is extremely reasonable. There you have it, how to get around Seattle for cheap!

Top 5 Reasons to use Seattle’s Public Transit System

(How to get around Seattle for Cheap)
  1. Convenient. No hassle fighting traffic or looking for a parking lot.
  2. Cost Efficient. Big time savings for very little effort. Use your $20 in savings to buy a decent lunch for you and your lover!
  3. More time to enjoy being a tourist. When someone else does the driving, you’re free to stare with your mouth wide open at all the pretty buildings and people.
  4. Safe. No chance of getting lost, if you’re not sure, bus drivers are friendly and helpful.
  5. Environmentally Friendly and reduces traffic congestion. One more car off the road.

Go ahead, visit Seattle and start using Seattle’s Public Transit System!!!

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