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kamloops cell repair reviewDuring a recent sea kayaking activity, a tiny amount of salt water penetrated my iPhone6s Plus, immediately causing the phone to lose some function. When this happened, the phone was already 2 years old, and the battery in need of replacement. Originally, my phone cost me $1,200 (including accessories) making me reluctant to just throw it away. I decided to get it examined, inspiring me to publish my Kamloops Cell Repair Review. Disclaimer: Kamloops Cell Repair did not in any way sponsor, or know I was going to write about them. I have reviewed them because I received great service and I like to support local business.

Kamloops Cell Repair ReviewFirst, I took my iPhone to an authorized Apple dealer. Long story short, the authorized dealer immediately knew the iPhone had water damage. Apple policy is that if there is water damage, they won’t even attempt a fix. Instead, the dealer offered to replace my phone with a brand new iPhone 6s Plus for $500. Not a bad deal, but spending $500 didn’t appeal to me. At this point,  I decided to take it to Kamloops Cell Repair for a second opinion. After a quick examination, Kamloops Cell Repair offered to clean the internal components(as best they could), and install a new battery for about $100. They couldn’t really guarantee if the phone would last as salt water damage is nearly impossible to predict, but the batteries come with a 3 month warranty. Fortune favors the brave, and so I decided to give it a shot.

Three months later and the phone is working well. I lost the TouchID sensor, but other than that, so far, so good.

Kamloops Cell Repair Review receives a 5 out of 5 because:

  1. Cleaned the phone from the inside out. (It’s amazing how much salt was in there from only a few drops of salt water.)
  2. Friendly and honest. Kamloops Cell Repair told me what they were going to do. Kamloops Cell Repair was upfront about the cost and potential outcomes.
  3. 3 month warranty on the battery. More than long enough to know if the battery is operating as it should.

So there it is my Kamloops Cell Repair Review. If you are having issues with your phone, give  Kamloops Cell Repair a try. By the way, you do not have to live in Kamloops to have them service your phone. You can simply mail it to them and after they fix it, they will mail it back to you.

Kamloops Cell Repair Review

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