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Log Barn 1912 Visit and Review

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Log Barn 1912 is essentially a gift shop surrounded by a number of dinosaur and animal statues. Located on Highway 97A between the towns of Armstrong and Enderby, British Columbia, Log Barn 1912 is super easy to find. A Log Barn 1912 visit will be a fun time because it will give you many interesting photo opportunities.

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My Log Barn 1912 visit provided me a chance to feed goats, but there’s a twist. The goats are on top of the entrance gate. I didn’t even notice this as I was driving in! Only after getting out of my car did I hear the goats bleating. Lifting my head towards the sky, these majestic beasts cast their judgemental gaze upon me.

log barn 1912 visit goat bridge

It  was shocking to see these goats so high above me and I wondered how they got there. It was at this point I noticed the ramp leading from their pen to the top of the entrance gate. Vending machines are directly below the goats along with a pulley system, which has a metal cup attached to the rope.  At this point, it all made sense and I knew what I had to do to appease these unforgiving beings.

log barn 1912 visit goat pen bridgelog barn 1912 goat pen

log barn 1912 visit goat pulley

The vending machines contain corn, which the goats have deemed “manna from below.” As soon as you get close to the vending machines, you’ll hear the goats bleating. Seems like they are trying to tell you something. Deposit 25 cents into the vending machine and that will give you a handful of corn. Take the corn and put it into the cup attached to the rope and watch the goats use the pulley.

Please check out the short video below:

Overall, my Log Barn 1912 visit was enjoyable. The goats were most certainly the highlight of the day and I must recommend that if you find yourself in these parts, you should stop in for a visit.


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