high mileage Tesla model s

Model S Ownership Experience

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Not too long ago, I met Peter, a 2013 Tesla Model S owner. Peter purchased his used Tesla Model S nearly 4 years ago, directly from Tesla’s website. The vehicle was 2 years old and had 25,000 km. Since then, Peter has driven an additional 175,000 km! Here is the link to my first post on Peter’s Model S. My second post focuses on Peter’s Model S Ownership Experience.

high mileage Tesla model s

Cost – Specifically Total Cost of Ownership

Teslas’ are not inexpensive, even if used. However, when thinking about price, one should consider the “total cost of ownership”. Peter’s car cost $75,000 CDN, but the low cost of maintenance and fuel has made the total cost of ownership extremely reasonable. Regular maintenance, and the cost of fuel are a fraction in comparison to a conventional car. Moreover, Peter drives a lot for his business and so the savings are further multiplied through tax deductions. In case you’re wondering, Peter is a Chartered Professional Accountant.

Winter Weather Concerns(Traction and Range Loss)

Calgary, Canada is known for some extreme winter weather. Peter’s model is rear wheel drive.. Usually, rear wheel drive vehicles do not fare well on icy roads. However, Peter is satisfied with the performance even on particularly icy days. For the first three winters, Peter drove on the factory all seasons. Since then, Peter has upgraded to studded Nokia Hakkapalitas, and these tires have performed extremely well.

During extremely cold weather events, Peter estimates that he loses about 30% in range. Keeping the car garaged or plugged in, helps minimize range loss.

Future Plans for Peter’s Model S

Peter plans to keep his Model S it until it dies. Looks like that could be a very long while as the car has only suffered about 5% in battery life so far. Not bad since the car already has 200,000 km on it. If worst comes to worst, the battery can be replaced but I have to think the actual body of the car will wear out before the battery or motor does. Electric motors are expected to have a much longer lifetime than a conventional engine.

When it does come time for replacement, Peter intends to buy another Tesla. Potentially the long awaited Tesla truck.

high mileage Tesla model s
2013 High Mileage Tesla Model S

Model S Ownership Experience Conclusion

In short, Peter loves his car. Specifically, the acceleration, fuel savings(electricity costs about 10% of what gas does), the tech inside, and what the company stands for. Peter says, “Don’t test drive one unless you are serious, because once you drive one, everything else sucks.” Well said sir, well said. 🙂

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