Mr. PG in Prince George

Mr. PG in Prince George

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Mr. PG in Prince George
Mr. PG of Prince George, British Columbia, Canada

Recently I moved to Prince George for a new job opportunity with Northern Health. As I entered the city I was welcomed by Mr. PG, as shown above. A new move will bring challenges but as an old Australian buddy of mine used to say, “you gotta dig deep, if you want to get the gold!”

Prince George is a small, but fast growing city with a current population of about 75,000 people. I’m looking forward to exploring Prince George and it’s surroundings in the coming months and I’ll be sure to add these experiences to my blog. In fact, I’ve created a new category in my blog entitled, Prince George Life and Community.

Mr. PG is a 27 foot statue located between the major Highways of 97 and 16 and is pretty hard to miss, even if you are only driving through the city. Mr. PG represents the city’s forestry heritage, a major driver of the local economy. The sign board below describes Mr. PG’s history and even accounts his international travels. Apparently he once visited Scotland and somehow went missing for a few years. Years later when he was found, he was wearing a kilt. Ahhhh…. if only you could talk Mr. PG, the stories you could tell!

Mr. PG looks friendly enough, but like anyone else, buried within him, are secrets. What secrets you may ask? I’ve no idea, but if I live long enough maybe they’ll be revealed to me as he has a time capsule inside him.

Mr. PG in Prince George

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