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I usually write about how to save money at Costco. However, this week I’m featuring my second favourite supermarket, SuperStore. Currently, Superstore has a promotion whereby you can use my referral code to receive 25,000 PC Optimum points ($25 dollars) when you purchase a subscription to the PC Insiders Club. This offer is good until January 10th, 2021. To be transparent, when you use my referral code, I also get 20,000 points. ($20.) To take advantage of this offer just click on any of the highlighted text above and it should take you to the subscription link. You can also manually enter my referral code MM3185 at PCInsiders.ca. You can also find some of my other referral code posts here. 


My Favourite PC Optimum Insiders Referral Code Benefit

My favourite benefit of the PC Insiders club is that it waives the service fee of $3 per pick-up when I order groceries online. The PC Insiders annual subscription currently costs $119/year, but since I usually pick-up groceries once a week, the subscription pays for itself. A simple breakdown is:  $3/week * 52 weeks = $156.  As you can see, the subscription pays for itself.

Before COVID-19,  I always shopped in-store. Online ordering was fairly new and didn’t interest me. However, COVID-19 forced me to order online. Quite frankly, it’s much more convenient. I simply select my groceries online, set a time for pick-up, and when I arrive at the grocery store someone brings my groceries out and even loads them in my car. Not only does this save me quite a bit of time, but also helps me stay physically distant from others.

There are other benefits to being a PC Insiders member. For example, some products will give you  extra Optimum points. You may also have “sneak peaks” for new products and more. Those are fine, but for me the biggest benefit is the fee pick-up waiver.

Thank you for reading my PC Optimum Referral Code post. Remember my referral code is MM3185. You can also check out my other referral code posts here. If you enjoy my blog and would like to support my efforts, please consider pledging using the PayPal link at the top of the page. I’d be very grateful as every little bit helps and is a great encouragement to me. Please also share any of my blog posts with your friends or post on Facebook groups. Feel free to explore my other Costco Reviews by clicking here. You can also join my Costco Money Saving Tips and Reviews Face here.


  1. I have been using this for 2 years, and we get many times our value. You get something like 30% back on all baby products INCLUDING Diapers, Wipes and Formula! Also $100 off travel, a free gift box (sometimes 2). So its defiantly worth it.

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