Tesla mobile service ranger

Tesla Mobile Service Ranger – Vancouver Island

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Vancouver Island currently does not have a Tesla Service Center. So what happens when a Tesla requires service? Answer: Tesla comes to you via the Tesla Mobile Service Ranger.

Tesla mobile service ranger

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about Tesla’s solution to servicing vehicles in “remote” locations. In fact, a year ago, I wrote about the Ranger Service in Prince George, British Columbia. (Prince George is a 10 hour drive from the nearest Tesla Service Center in Vancouver.)

Vancouver Island is located approximately 50 km off of the Canadian mainland. The island has a population of about 750,000 people. The Island has regular ferry service to Vancouver, but the journey takes about 2 hours and costs a minimum of $75 CAD each way. Therefore, I can see how transporting a Tesla to Vancouver would be a bit of a pain. Then again, who says you have to go to Vancouver?

Recently I was in Nanaimo having a coffee near the Tesla Supercharger. While there, I saw a Tesla Service Technician installing a HomeLink Upgrade retrofit. The upgrade gives the car the ability to control devices like garage doors, gates, security systems, etc. Installation requires removal of the front bumper, frunk covers, software updates, and takes about 90 minutes to perform.

I thought it’s really cool that Tesla can send a Mobile Ranger to wherever a vehicle is. Granted, sometimes a car lift is needed, but if not, many service procedures can be performed from virtually anywhere. What other car company comes to you? Perhaps that’s another reason why Tesla owners are so passionate about their cars.

Tesla mobile service ranger

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