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Tesla Model 3: 13 Reasons to Buy

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I’m not a car guy but the Tesla Model 3 is an amazing car. Nothing else, other than perhaps another Tesla is comparable. I’ve compiled a list of reasons to purchase a Tesla Model 3 below. If you like this post, please check out my other Electric Vehicle reviews!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s exciting to see other EVs gaining in popularity. I just think the Tesla Model 3 provides so much more dollar for dollar.

Disclaimer: I do not have a Tesla and I do not work for Tesla. I just think that Tesla is doing some pretty cool things. I thought a summary might be helpful to people who maybe considering a new car purchase. I’ve tried to keep each point brief, and include supporting links. Points are listed in random order. Tesla policies are subject to change at anytime.

Tesla Model 3 – Reasons to Buy

  1. Software Updates – Teslas constantly receive free software updates. Similar to your computer, updates can help improve performance and add extra features. In short, Teslas are evolving. Imagine waking up tomorrow and all of the sudden your car has a 5% increase in power! Other notable software updates include Sentry Mode, Dog Mode, and the Dashcam update. I wonder what else Tesla has in store.
  2. Autopilot and Full Self Driving(FSD) Capability – Autopilot is included with the car at no additional cost and helps reduce the potential for accidents. Tesla Model 3s come equipped with 8 cameras, 12 ultrasonic sensors, forward facing radar, and a built in FSD computer. The FSD computer should eventually make it possible to for the car to drive itself. FSD also comes at an additional cost.
  3. Battery Thermal Management System – Regulating the temperature of a EV battery is important for overall battery life, safety, and can help reduce charging time. Surprisingly, not every EV has a battery thermal management system, but the Model 3 does. Perhaps this is why Tesla is confident that their batteries will last at least 300,000 miles or 500,000 km. 
  4. Motor Technology – The Tesla Model 3 has an extremely efficient motor and design. Electricity is relatively inexpensive, but the more efficient, the better.
  5. Crash Safety RatingU.S. Government crash tests give Teslas perfect 5 star safety rating. I hope I’m never in a minor or serious accident but if I have to be, I really hope I’m in a Tesla. 
  6. Artificial Intelligence(AI)Tesla is implementing the use of artificial intelligence to make the transportation experience better. Currently, over 200,000 Tesla Model 3 vehicles are on the roads. As they are driven around, they are gathering data on different roads, conditions, and driving scenarios. Eventually, AI should make these vehicles capable of self-driving. Tesla is a leader in this area.
  7. Tesla Supercharger Network – Tesla has an established and dedicated charging network. Superchargers provide high speed charging and are usually located near frequently visited places. (i.e. restaurants, shopping malls, and coffee shops) The cost to use these Superchargers is reasonable as Tesla charges based on local electricity rates. Tesla has vowed to not use Superchargers as a profit centre, and seems to be interested in only investing any profits it may make back into expanding the network. Sounds reasonable to me! Furthermore, SuperCharger technology continues to evolve. Tesla recently releasing a third version of their chargers that have dramatically decreased charge times.
  8. Minimal Maintenance Requirements – By nature, EVs require significantly less maintenance than a conventional vehicle. EVs typically have 80% less moving parts, translating to less maintenance overall. Tesla also seems to have a pretty light maintenance schedule. Click here for more information from Tesla regarding recommended maintenance.
  9. Customer Experience – Have you ever heard someone say how much they enjoyed buying their last vehicle at a traditional dealership? I didn’t think so! The price of a vehicle at a traditional dealership is almost always negotiable. At Tesla, the price is the price, and is clearly stated. Furthermore, I suspect that Tesla Sales Advisors are not on a commission pay structure. I’m sure Sales Advisors have some kind of performance metrics like any other job. However, in my interactions with them I’ve never felt pressure to buy. On the contrary, it felt like their goal was to educate and help customers. Weird, eh
  10. Delivery Time – If you go to Tesla’s website you can seen an estimated time frame for delivery. Currently, the Model 3 is showing a 2-4 delivery time. You may even get your car faster if your order matches a vehicle already in stock at your local Tesla store. Like I said, other EVs are good cars too, but many dealerships seem to be experiencing shortages with waitlists sometimes lasting months.
  11. Tesla Mobile App – The Tesla mobile app allows owners to have more control over their car. For example, you can preset the cabin temperature, monitor charging status, and even “summon” the car(finds you in a parking lot.)
  12. Tesla Mobile Service – Tesla has relatively minimal service requirements. However, like any mechanical object, things can break. So what happens if you don’t live near a Tesla Service Center? Depending on how serious the issue is, Tesla may come to you! I actually blogged about this when I lived way up in Prince George, British Columbia.
  13. The Tesla Club – Tesla owners are a passionate and friendly group. I’ve met a number of them at Electric Vehicle events, Tesla Superchargers, and Facebook message boards. All have been extremely enthusiastic about their cars and EVs in general. They often organize different events around their communities. Not too many brands have such a strong following and that’s not an accident.
Tesla supercharger


I’ve never really been a car guy and that still remains true to this day. However, the Tesla Model 3 is something truly special. While the car has received many awards from professional automotive professionals, I actually believe the Tesla Model 3 is still extremely underrated.

Thank you for reading my 13 reasons to buy a Tesla Model 3. Have I forgotten any? Do you like any of the reasons in particular? If so, which one(s). Feel free to like, comment, share, or post! Oh and don’t forget to subscribe(subscribe on the right sidebar) to automatically receive new blog updates! Feel free to visit my other posts on Electric Vehicles here.


  1. Does the model 3 have ludicrous mode like the model S? Sometime I feel like getting a speeding ticket and ludicrous mode sounds like the way to do it!

    1. Great question and I love the way you think! Yes, there is a “performance” version of the Model 3. It costs more but you’ll get 0-100km/hr in 3.4 seconds and has a top speed of 250 km/hr. I’m sure these features will allow you to achieve your goal in no time!

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