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Tesla Model 3 – Reasons NOT to Buy

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My last post listed a number of reasons on why one should buy a Tesla Model 3. I love Tesla, but it’s important to look at things from a different perspective. So here I am, trying to poke holes in my own thinking. Talk about being my own worst enemy!

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Tesla Model 3 – Reasons NOT to Buy

Price – The Model 3 is a slightly more expensive car. Currently, the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus costs approximately $55,000 CAD or $39,900 USD before taxes/government incentives. A nicely appointed Honda Accord/Toyota Camry over its’ lifetime(fuel/maintenance) may cost less. Comparing the Tesla Model 3 to other vehicles is like comparing apples to oranges, but hey I’m doing my best to play devil’s advocate here!

Constant Long Range Driving – The Tesla Model 3 has a EPA rated range of 386 km/240 miles. Tesla has an extensive and growing network of SuperChargers but there are some uncovered areas.

Less Service Locations – If you live a significant distance away from a Tesla Service Centre, Service could be more of a challenge. Having said that, Tesla has mobile service and makes house calls! If your Tesla is involved in a significant accident, it will probably take longer to have it repaired than with an automaker with a local dealership.

Cold Weather – I live in Canada and while we have beautiful Spring/Summer/Fall seasons, Winter can be extreme. Naturally, people have questions about how much the cold reduces range. I’ve read some articles stating as much as 30% loss in range. I also contacted a long time Model S owner. The Model S owner estimated around a 20% reduction at around -30 degrees Celsius/ -22 Fahrenheit. To add balance, owners have told me that the Tesla trip computer is accurate at predicting remaining charge at destination. Therefore, if one has programmed the computer, they should not run out of charge unexpectedly.

Side note: The cold also isn’t friendly to conventional vehicles. Efficiency may drop 12%-22%. The difference is that there is almost always a gas station nearby. However, with proper planning one should be fine.


I’m sure there are more reasons why one shouldn’t buy a Tesla Model 3, or even a Tesla in general. I’ve tried to pick out the most common/relevant issues. Have I missed one? Feel free to comment below! Thanks for reading and please like, share, or subscribe! Check out my other Electric Vehicle posts here!


    1. It really depends on where you live. In Quebec you may receive $13,000 in incentives. In B.C. possibly up to $10,000. In the U.S. I believe you might be eligible for a $3,900 tax credit.

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