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Not too long ago, I had the pleasure of taking a Tesla Model S out for a test drive, please click here the review. In short, it was an amazing experience. Yesterday, the heavens smiled upon me once more. Another generous Tesla owner graced me with the pleasure of a test drive in his Tesla Model X and so I decided to write a Tesla Model X Review. I’m not an expert on cars, but then again neither are most automotive journalists (zing!!!).

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Tesla Model X Extended Windshield, tesla model x review

When I sat in the Model X for the first time, the first thing I noticed was the unusually large windshield. At first, it’s kind of weird, but then it’s not long before you start asking, why aren’t all vehicles made like this? Take a close look at the photo above, and you’ll notice how far the windshield extends back. The windshield gives the driver and front passenger a whole new perspective on the road ahead.

Tesla Model X Falcon DoorsThe next thing that stands out, are the falcon doors. The photos above and below show these doors in greater detail. I’m going to get slightly off topic here, but this reminds me of one of my favorite TV show characters, Billionaire, Russ Hanneman from the show Silicon Valley. One of Russ’s catch phrases are “These are not the doors of a Billionaire! I need doors that open like this(imitates movement of Falcon doors)  and not like this!”(imitates movement of standard car doors.) Classic line! The Model X is currently way out of my price range but if I win the lottery, I will buy this vehicle just so that I have a multiple opportunities to do my best Russ Hanneman impersonation. Totally worth it!

Tesla Model X Open Falcon Door, tesla model x review

This particular model has seating for a total of 7 people including the driver. (There are two seats, behind the row of seats you see above.) The two seats behind that row can be folded into the floor, increasing storage space. I tried sitting in the back row but I found the seats a little small for me. For me, this last row of seating is a bit tight as I’m over 6 feet tall, but smaller adults or children will be perfectly comfortable.

Tesla Model X Seven Seater Rear Seats, tesla model x review

One of the two seats in the back row, is folded down.

Tesla Model X Frunk, tesla model x review

Just like the Model S, the Model X has a frunk! It’s not a huge amount of space, but you certainly could put a couple of bags or more if needed.

Tesla Model X Google Maps Screen, tesla model x review

Just like the Model S there is a large display panel. The photo above shows off Google Maps. Not only will the GPS tell you how to get to your destination, but it will also show you Tesla Supercharger Stations along the way. The Tesla will even recommend which Superchargers to stop off at and for how long so that you can get to your destination most efficiently. A very cool and practical feature.

Tesla Model X Doors Screen, tesla model x review

Here’s the display showing off the doors menu. By touching the screen you will be able to automatically open/close any door of your choosing, including your own. Sweet!

Tesla Model X Kamloops Supercharger Station, tesla model x review

Finally, the Tesla Kamloops Supercharger station. (The owners of these fine automobiles are checking each other’s vehicles as each one has slightly different features.)

Tesla Model X Review Additional Advantages

Teslas are truly amazing. There are so many cool features that Teslas offer. For example, the superior acceleration, little to no maintenance, self-driving capability, excellent safety ratings, and their ability to gather and share information about roads with other Teslas. For more details, check out the review by Car and Driver.

Tesla Model X Review Disadvantages?

I can only think of two negatives when it comes to Tesla.

  1. The barely noticeable limited range of around 380 – 500 kilometres. Then again I see this as a very minor issue as 99% of people do not drive more than 100 km/day. In addition, after a 4 hour drive I’m usually ready to take a break and something to eat. Tesla Supercharging stations are often located near restaurants so while I’m taking a break, the car can also get a quick recharge.
  2. The second negative would be price. Again, as time goes on this becomes less and less of an issue, especially with the Model 3 being a more affordable model. As time goes on, I’m sure that prices will become more and more competitive. 

Thanks for reading my Tesla Model X Review!

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  1. Lucky you! It seems that Tesla owners are very gracious/proud to show off their amazing machines…not that Tesla needs it but it is the best kind of advertising.

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