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Top 3 Airbnb Tips

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AIrbnb-home, My Top 3 Airbnb Tips, Top Tips and Reasons for using AirbnbBy now, almost everyone has heard of Airbnb, and more than a few have used it. Some people may still have, “reservations” about using Airbnb. Oh-oh… hotel pun! But I really like it, and felt compelled to share my top 3 Airbnb tips.

Fun Fact: All photos used in this post, are from an actual Airbnb that I stayed at near Seattle. Check out some of my other saving money in Seattle posts here and here!

Airbnb-dining-room, My Top 3 Airbnb Tips, Top Tips and Reasons for using AirbnbSo why do I like Airbnb so much? I’m so glad you asked! As someone who loves to travel, I’m always on the lookout for anything that allows me to maximize my travel experience by stretching my travel dollar. I’ve now used Airbnb a few times, and have always had a good experience. To me, Airbnb offers great value as I typically spend a third(or less) of what I’d spend at a comparably equipped hotel. I also like the fact that most of the homeowners I’ve met through staying at Airbnb’s are just regular people trying to give themselves a little more income. Nothing wrong with supporting the locals!

My Top 3 Airbnb Tips

  1. Get a big discount. By clicking here, you can get a big discount as this is the link to my Airbnb referral code! Yes, I receive a credit to when you use this link, so everyone’s a winner. 
  2. Do your research. Take a few seconds to read the reviews of people who have previously stayed there. In addition, have a good look at the photos. If an  Airbnb has many positive reviews and looks good, chances are that you will probably have a good experience too. I like those odds!
  3. Follow the house rules and be considerate. Yes, they aren’t doing this for free, but they are still opening their home to you. After you leave, Airbnb will ask you to rate your stay, but remember, you will also be rated by the owner, so be a good boy or girl.

    Airbnb-bedroom, My Top 3 Airbnb Tips, Top Tips and Reasons for using Airbnb
    (Note to self: When taking pictures for my blog, do it before using the bed.)

Bonus Airbnb tip: To stretch your travel dollars further, find an Airbnb that allows you use of their kitchen. You can make quick, easy meals which will cut down on your eating out expenses.

Airbnb-kitchen, My Top 3 Airbnb Tips
No hotel is going to give you a full-size kitchen to work with, now are they?

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