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Top 5 Tips to Visit Seattle for Cheap

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Seattle is a very cool place to visit but it is also can also be pretty expensive. Accommodations, transportation, parking, and shopping, can all add up quickly. Seattle is an expensive place to visit than other major American cities. Perhaps this is all due to Seattle’s economy, which is home to world-class companies like Microsoft, Boeing, and even Starbucks. Here are my Top 5 Tips to Visit Seattle for Cheap…

Visit Seattle for Cheap, Seattle Great Wheel

  1. Enjoy the downtown area – Downtown Seattle is fairly condensed and has a lot of activity throughout most of the day. Pike Place Market, The Waterfront, Downtown Shopping, and Chinatown, all have lots of interesting things to look at. None of these places charge admission either! People watching is free, and will help you visit Seattle for cheap. The photo below was snapped at the Pike Place Market Fish Market.
    Visit Seattle For Cheap, Seattle Pike Place Fish Market
  2. Wear a comfortable pair of runners – Yes, you could take a taxi, rent a car, pay for parking, or even take a Uber. The only problem is that all of those things are not cheap in Seattle. Walking is free, and is also a convenient way to get around quickly in a congested area like downtown Seattle. Remember, Seattle has many steep hills which can not only be exhausting but also hard on your body. A good pair of running shoes will help keep up comfort and energy levels, thus a wise investment.
  3. Use public transportation – If walking gets too much you can use buses/trains to get around for $2.50/fare. Riders can ask a transfer, allowing the rider to hop on and off within a certain time frame. For more information on taking the Seattle public transport, check out my post entitled, “How to Get Around Seattle for Cheap.” Here’s a bus schedule that I used from Google Maps.
    Visit Seattle For Cheap, Seattle Bus Schedule Route 41
  4. Stay in Airbnb accommodationsUntil I went to Seattle, I had never used Airbnb, but hotels in Seattle’s hotels are expensive. Airbnb has a range of options at different price levels. Chances are you will be able to find something that meets your budget, location preference, and taste. To find a good one, I suggest checking ratings left by previous guests and finding locations located near public transit. If you’ve never used Airbnb before, please use my promotional code listed here and you’ll get an instant credit of $40 CAD.

  5. Seattle Premium Outlets Shopping and Free Coupon Book – Everyone knows that you can find good deals at Outlet Malls. What everyone doesn’t know is that if you are Canadian(or a foreigner) you are eligible to receive a free Coupon Book from Guest Services. Guest Services will ask to see your ID to verify your nationality, so make sure to have it with you. Even if you are American, you can still buy the Coupon Book for a reasonable $5.

    Visit Seattle for Cheap

There you have it, 5 Tips to Visit Seattle for Cheap! I hope you liked it. Please feel free to leave your comments below. I love feedback!

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