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TripCase Travel App Review

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I’ve been fortunate to have traveled to many places in both my work and personal life. As much as I love to travel, it sometimes is stressful keeping my flight information organized. Furthermore, it can also be tiring navigating through unfamiliar airports trying to find my connecting flight’s gate. First-world problems, right? Well, like everything else, there’s an app for that! I give you my TripCase Travel App Review.

tripcase travel app screenshot

Disclaimer – I’m not being paid or given anything by anyone for this review. I’m just writing about it because I like writing about travel and I actually do like TripCase.

The TripCase verdict? As Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber once said, “I like it a lot.”

So why do I like TripCase? I thought you’d never ask!

TripCase Travel App Review

  1. TripCase is free. The price is right! One could argue you are exchanging privacy, but is this not true of any cell phone app?
  2. TripCase also works offline, to an extent. This is an issue since you may, or may not have a roaming plan. At least you can still open the app, even if your phone cannot connect to the internet. It should also be noted that many international airports have free wifi, so there is that.
  3. TripCase keeps my flights organized. I don’t need to carry print-outs or keep old e-mails of my flight details. I just open the app and my flight #, flight time, and confirmation # are all there. When I arrive at the airport, I just open the app, show the airline check-in person my confirmation number, and they give me my boarding passes. Far easier than shuffling through a bunch of print-outs that I’ve probably forgotten at home.
  4. TripCase shows me other valuable information like my seat and gate number.
  5. TripCase provides instant updates. If my flight is delayed, or the gate changed, the updated information is instantly sent to my phone. in addition, an automatic e-mail/alert is sent to really get my attention. Very helpful, as this kind of situation does happen every now and again.
  6. TripCase also handles hotel reservations. If traveling to a city that doesn’t necessarily speak your language, it is super helpful! For example, I was recently in Taiwan, and I do not speak a lick of Mandarin. I wanted to ask the taxi driver to take me to my hotel but of course, I didn’t know the hotel’s name in Mandarin, let alone how to pronounce it. Fortunately, TripCase had a map of the hotel already loaded and so I just pointed to the map and off we went. If that doesn’t work, TripCase will most likely have the phone number of the hotel,  so just select it and you are automatically connected to the hotel’s front desk. You can then pass the phone to your driver so that he can get proper directions.
  7. When I land, TripCase will tell me which carousel I can find my checked baggage at. Yes, I could find this information on the arrival tv screens, but usually, there are so many other flights listed, that it takes a while to find the actual flight that I was on. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

So there you have it folks, my TripCase Travel App Review. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, please share it on your facebook or tweet it. You can also share this post by clicking on the buttons below or posting it somewhere yourself.


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