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Just like Oprah, I too have a list of my favourite things. One of the items on my list is Uniqlo. What is Uniqlo? Uniqlo is a Japanese clothing designer, manufacturer, and retailer. In Japan, and in a number of other Asian countries, Uniqlo is very well-known but this is not the case in America…. yet.  In recent years, Uniqlo expanded into the U.S.A. and now has a store in Seattle. Uniqlo Seattle sells clothes that are, in my opinion… of high value/fashion/quality for a reasonable price. Ooh la la!

Uniqlo Seattle Store front
Uniqlo Seattle (Bellevue Shopping Center)

Uniqlo Seattle

I love Uniqlo, but for me there is but one downfall…. Sizing. In Japan, it’s tough to get clothing large enough. It’s not like I’m huge, but I am over 6 feet and let’s just say it wouldn’t kill me to lose a few pounds. But guess what? Now that Uniqlo has expanded their fashion empire into the United States, they offer American sizes. Can anyone say Seattle road trip??? Bazinga!

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Uniqlo Seattle Store Inside
Supergeometric??? I need that!!! (Look closely and you will see “Supergeometric” written on the store ticker above.)

So yeah, I drove almost 500 km(almost 300 miles) to pay a visit to Uniqlo Seattle. In addition, To add to the insanity, the Canadian/U.S. dollar exchange rate has seen better days. But that’s neither here, nor there, nor anywhere!!! The point is I was desperate for new threads.

uniqlo shirts
Uniqlo Slim Fit Dress Shirts

I’m happy to report that I was not disappointed. I went on a shopping spree and bought 5 dress shirts($30 each), 2 dress pants($30 each on sale, usual price is $40), and one polo shirt($20.) I’m really happy with what I bought as it fits me quite nicely and I like the way it looks. Furthermore, the shirts are “easy care” which means I shouldn’t have to iron them at the end of each day. Bonus!

Uniqlo has a couple of stores in the Toronto area and the United States. During the Fall of 2017, Uniqlo plans to open a new store in Vancouver. In conclusion, it will be interesting to see how Uniqlo expands its reach into Western Canada.

uniqlo seattle

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