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Village Cheese Company – Armstrong British Columbia

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This past weekend, I drove 1.5 hours to Armstrong B.C.  and visited The Village Cheese Company. I’m pretty new to the Kamloops area and so each weekend I’ve tried to get out there and explore. For more of my Kamloops adventures, go to the “categories” section of my blog and click “Kamloops.”

village cheese company

As you might have guessed, The Village Cheese Company sells cheese!!! In fact, The Village Cheese Company not only sells cheese, they make it too! There are lots of different varieties and you can sample them all. Well, except for the aged stuff as it is pretty expensive. My favourite flavours were Horseradish and Wild Salmon. From the picture below, you might be saying to yourself, “Holy Cow, that’s a lot of cheese!” Well, Hallelujah!

village cheese company shelf

The Village Cheese Company also has a café attached to the store. I had a Cheese Scone and wiener dog. I’d show a picture of the Weiner dog but my hunger got the best of me and I ate it before a photo could be taken.

village cheese company cafe menuvillage cheese company cheese sconevillage cheese company factoryAbove is a shot of the production floor. I was there on a Sunday and so no workers were present. Nevertheless, it was still interesting to see it.

Village Cheese Company Deal Alert

I’m like to stretch my dollar when possible. Lucky for me I was able to find some deals. Gewürztraminer cheese happened was 50% off. I’ve never had it before but I had a sample and I liked it. I also purchased some Wild Salmon and Mozzarella Cheese for 25% off, and yes, the Wild Salmon is as delicious as it sounds. The reason for the 25% discount on Mozzarella and Wild Salmon were that they were “cheese ends.” Cheese ends are not as pleasing to the eye as regular block of cheese, however other than that, they are exactly the same.

village cheese company cheeseWild Salmon Cheese is like a triple whammy of goodness. First, because the cheese produced from local milk. Second, Wild Salmon come to this area of British Columbia to begin and end their life. Finally, the Wild Salmon is 25% off in this case because it’s not a perfect block of cheese. I don’t care! Ba-boom!!!



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